Unique-Wedding-Invitation-Sizing-Credit-to wedding stationery ideas

Unique Wedding Invitation Sizing

The most common wedding invitation size is in the range of 5 1/2″ x 8″, give or take a little on each side, but have a little fun with unique wedding invitation sizing, darling soon-to-be Mrs.!

Your first step is to make sure your invitation is sized according to the largest envelope that it will be fitting in; you can send your invitation inside an inner envelope mailed inside an outside envelope or you can mail the invitation inside a single envelope alone.While sending the invitation without an inner envelope is more cost efficient, the advantage of using an inner and outer envelope is the inner envelope stays clean during mailing and can be used as a keepsake for the recipient.


If using an inner and outer envelope, many brides choose A6 as the inner envelope and A7 as the outer envelope, if mailing without an inner envelope, look into an A6, A7, or A9 envelope. Once you’ve decided the size of envelope you’ll need, you can determine the size of paper!

Think about the size you want your wedding invitation to be and how many you can get from a single standard 8.5 x 11 sheet. The more you can get from one sheet, the more money you’ll be able to save, just be sure to size your paper about 1/4” less than the envelope size to ensure a proper fitting.

Square wedding invitations are typically single cards that are larger in size and may require extra mailing postage. A notation referencing the extra postage may appear in the wedding invitation product description, but you should always take one that is completely ready to mail to the Post Office for an official weigh-in.

Unique-Wedding-Invitation-Sizing-Credit-to-InkyEverAfter square wedding invitation

Alternatively, Tea Length wedding invitations are typically9 1/4″ x 4″ – a very unique size for an invitation – with a design that can be built around a vertical or horizontal layout.

Unique-Wedding-Invitation-Sizing-Credit-to-down2earthpaperworks-via-Etsy Tea Length wedding invitation

Seal-and-send wedding invitations are longer in length due to their multi-panel design with the very bottom panel being a response postcard that easily detaches for guests to return. This all-in-one wedding invitation design is folded up and sealed into its own self-mailing piece using marked folding lines. They are known as being economical since they don’t require a mailing envelope and the response postcard that is attached eliminates a return envelope and saves on postage since only a postcard stamp is needed.

Unique-Wedding-Invitation-Sizing-Credit-to-BotanicalPaperworks Seal-and-send wedding invitation

Pocket wedding invitations come in various sizes, especially in their pre-assembled form. A pocket for holding enclosure cards can appear on the side or at the bottom, depending on the design. The wedding invitation card itself can be square or long in length which will determine the finished size once it’s all assembled for mailing.

Unique-Wedding-Invitation-Sizing-Credit-to-InvitationStyles Pocket wedding invitation

If you are looking for a truly novel wedding invitations, specially shaped invitations could be the answer! Examples of themed shapes include autumn leaves, seashells, luggage tags, vineyard wine bottles, playing cards, etc. If the unique shapes are compact in size, your information may be spread over several themed cards that are creatively connected by a piece of ribbon. On occasion, even enclosure cards may be in a shape closely related to the themed wedding invitation. Choosing a shape design will certainly make your invitations memorable!




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Best NY Wedding Band


What is the Difference between learning about a band from their video demo which is shot in a controlled environment and a live performance video which does NOT have foreign sound synced into the recording.

Best NY Wedding Band Music

Jill from ESSENCE with INXS

How will you know if the band singing on the video will sound like what you are hearing if it is doctored up in the studio? What happens if you pick a band from a professionally made video that was doctored up and they show up to your wedding and they don’t sound like that at all?

Well, you need to shop around on UTUBE and try to find videos that were shot live and uploaded right to utube. Or, why not go to a concert, or to hear a band in the park, for example, turn on your smart phone and video tape some of the band and compare what they sounded like live to what they sound like on your phone video of the band. They should sound pretty bad from your smart phone!

BEST NY Wedding Band Music


So, to give you some examples, here is a video of The ESSENCE Band that was shot live in a recording studio. It was NOT doctored up, and it was shot live so it is very close to what you might actually hear at your wedding. Take a look here: The ESSENCE BAND “In Studio Demo” Shot live.

Some bands however, do NOT use the sound as shot live, but rather lip sync to previously recorded audio that was done somewhere else, maybe by the artists you are seeing and maybe not. Some bands go so far as to find a recording of the song they want to post on itunes, download it and then lip sync to the song so you might be hearing something that was not actually even recording by the band you are looking at.


Jill from ESSENCE with Pop Star! Recognize him?

Here is an example that is clearly obvious that the singer is live, even though in a professional recording studio, this entire song is recorded live and the band sounds exactly like this live - Eddie singing Billy Joel!

One way to figure this out if you are hearing the band that is performing is to see if there are wires attached to the instruments and if it looks like the singer is singing into a microphone. There is an epidemic right now of videos posted on youtube and band’s websites that are shot against a completely white backdrop wherein the band equipment has no wires, and nothing attached to the instruments, the musicians are in that studio solely for the purpose of making a beautiful looking video and the audio is brought into the film later one, and produced somewhere else, perhaps with a variety of techniques and maybe it was recorded by the musicians you are looking at, and then maybe not!

Top NY Dance Band for Wedding and Events

Jill from ESSENCE with Jessica!

If you see a video like this, we highly recommend that you try to see the band live, or see the band shot live at an event with REAL sound of them singing. One true test is to see a LOT of footage of the band.

Here is an example of THE ESSENCE BAND performing LIVE at a wedding – this is from a few years ago with small inexpensive cameras. You can see people at the wedding so you KNOW it is real. You can see the band, even tough fuzzy, you can see the band interacting with the crowd and you can hear LIVE Camera sound. In the case of The ESSENCE BAND, you will notice that the sound is rather similar to the professionally made demo so that will help you to determine that this is really how good the band sounds in all circumstances.

High Energy Corporate Function Band

Or take a look at this live-at-a-wedding – THE ESSENCE BAND performing LIVE at a wedding with very UNPROFESSIONAL CAMERAS! In this video you can really see the band, the bride and groom, the guests, everything and everyone – see how the band is interacting with the guests and how people respond to their performance. In a video like this, you will truly see what you are getting with a band, and a truly live performance, even though the visuals are not professionally made, and the film is a bit fuzzy, in this video you can truly see what you are getting and feel safe with that!

If a band has multiple videos or at least one video that is casually shot at a wedding or even professionally shot at a wedding, if the sound is too perfect, like if you don’t here the sounds of dishes clashing and people talking or singing along IE messing up the audio, then it is probably not shot live. The best chance you have in knowing if you are seeing a truly live video – is to listen for other noise besides the band. Something… anything… take a look, for example, of yet another video shot live at a wedding wherein you can really see that this is 100% live footage in every way imaginable – The ESSENCE BAND AT ANOTHER WEDDING LIVE!

Top NY  Function Band for Dancing


 See how you can hear the noise of people talking in the background and making noise. Then listen to the band over the noise. THAT is the way it is going to sound at your wedding.

Another way sound can be really clean is if it is recorded professionally while the band is live, for example when Jill from ESSENCE performed live on TV you can hear really clear sound.  I personally prefer the 100% live sound because it shows you exactly what you are going to be getting.

Check out this live TV recording of Jill on TV. It is clean because they have really expensive equipment recording everything live! JILL LIVE ON TV!

If you have further questions or would like to learn more about how to compare videos and if a video you are watching is lip synced or live, feel free to email me the link or call me for advice. I am happy to take the time to advise you.

Iris Gillon IGMC, Event Planner, Music Producer / Consultant, Manager of THE ESSENCE BAND, www.essence-band.com201-836-6085 or 212-765-8714

Fall-Wedding-Flowers-photo credit to your expressive moments

Top 5 List Of Seasonal Fall Wedding Flowers

While I hope you’re enjoying the sun and lazying around large bodies of water, now is the time for August – November brides to begin looking at fall wedding flowers! We’ve spoken previously about saving money by using seasonal wedding flowers, so read on for my Top 5 list of seasonal fall wedding flowers for bridal bouquets and floral wedding decor!


The brightly colored globe-like blooms showcasing innumerable ray petals are strikingly perfect flowers to use for bridal bouquets and wedding reception centerpieces alike! In full bloom from summer to winter, and ranging in color from rustic white to deep red, dahlias are a gorgeous choice for your fall wedding flowers!

Dahlia wedding flowers


Gerbera daisies are available in a wide variety of colors and can be purchased year-round; they are wonderful on their own to perk up a Fall bouquet and act as a lovely addition to other seasonally available blooms.

Daisies wedding flowers


Blooming through early autumn, this versatile flower is available in a range of colors and is relatively easy for a florist to tint! Hydrangea arrangements create an impact on their own or combine with other blooms for a beautiful contrast in forms.

Hydrangea wedding flowers


Orchids are a gorgeous choice for elegant floral arrangements! Showcasing their exotic shape, orchids are a luxurious bloom that come in both light and vibrant colors; pair green cymbidium orchid blooms with black calla lilies and green hypericum berries for a striking bridal bouquet – or pair white cymbidium orchids paired with red roses for a larger, more eye-catching bouquet.

orchid wedding flowers


While it wasn’t mentioned in my Wedding Flower Glossary, this dainty, trumpet-shape blossoms is a traditional bridal flower, due to their floral meaning of marital happiness! Also known as Madagascar Jasmine, this fragrant bloom is available year-round.

Stephanotis wedding flower

If you are still looking for an incredible florist for your fall wedding flowers, be sure to review the Florists in the WedAlert Network! Follow my Pinterest and WedAlert’s Pinterest for wedding ideas ranging from how many servings your cake will provide to planning your destination wedding!

What-To-Wear-To-A-Destination-Wedding credit to ljdjsblog

What To Wear To A Destination Wedding

We’re in the middle of summer, darling wedding guest, and destination weddings are picking up steam! Now it’s time to answer the perennial question: what do you wear to a destination wedding?

Accomplished women understand the importance of dressing for the occasion, and while everyone knows the tricks of the trade and rules of the road for weddings in general, what happens when you get a Save The Date for Saint Lucia? From intimate beach ceremonies to resort services with 500+ guests, learn what to wear to a destination wedding in Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter!


What to Wear to a Destination Wedding – Spring

When considering what to wear to a destination wedding in Spring, remember to keep things simple, fluid, and lightweight. Don’t even think of reaching for that little black dress – this is the perfect opportunity to show off a fabulous maxi in a statement print or standout color! Try a tropical print from Tibi or rock out the nomad-chic elegance of a Mara Hoffman maxi dress.

Want to go with a more classic cocktail dress? Opt for patterns, pastels, and colors with a pop; keep cleavage to a minimum, and the hemline just above the knees. Remember that heels sink into sand and grass, so pair your outfit  some gorgeous flats and bring those metallic high heels along for the party afterwards!


What to Wear to a Destination Wedding – Summer

While a summer weekend visit to Fiji or Jamaica may have you packing shorts, tanks, and micro minis, remember that planning want to wear to a destination wedding in Summer is a bit different! A maxi isn’t anything to shy away from as long as it’s made of appropriate material - which means steering clear of weekend-errand-running cotton. Look for light and flowy frocks for daytime beach weddings and a relaxed maxi or cocktail dress for evening or resort ceremonies.

Choose colorful hanging earrings instead of a necklace for a more summery feel and slip cash for the bar into a classic clutch. (Momma always told me a lady never assumes the cocktails are free!)


What to Wear to a Destination Wedding – Fall

Packing what to wear to a destination wedding in the islands during Fall?  Bare your shoulders and go with a fluttering asymmetrical hemline for chic daytime affairs or a modern knee-length for an elegant indoor ceremony – just be sure to keep the island theme with your dress color and patterns! Keep warm as night falls with a modern shrug like this Donna Karen sparkler or a voguish scarf like this tribal Marc by Marc.


What to Wear to a Destination Wedding - Winter

Though not as popular as spring flings, winter destination weddings are picking up steam! What to wear to a destination wedding in cooler climates, however, can seem tricky…the answer, of course, is to choose patterned dresses with 3/4 or full-length sleeves! Dress yourself up for evening ceremonies in a fur-collared cardi and French beret — and voila! — you’re an instant trendsetter.


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Ten Steps For Hiring A Wedding Photographer credit to The Wedding Specialists

Ten Steps To Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Robert London of Robert London Photography understands the number of decisions that you, as a newly engaged bride-to-be, have flying at you! You want your day to be memorable and enjoyable for yourself and all guests – but often times, when the big day finally comes, as Robert notes: “the beautiful flowers you chose, the gorgeous dress (that you agonized over), the venue and table settings, all your friends dancing, even your hairstyle is a moment that you created and wish to cherish” – but the day passes in the blink of an eye!

Savor those moments for a lifetime by hiring the best wedding photographer for your ceremony! A great photographer won’t just capture an image of a moment – he or she will capture the moment itself: the emotion, the feeling, its timelessness, and the love.

Ten Steps For Hiring A Wedding Photographer credit to Green Wedding Shoes

To make sure you get more than just pretty pictures, Robert London created a ten-step guide for you to follow to help you hire the best wedding photographer possible!

Research, research, research!

First thing, do a little research, and become familiar with the different styles of wedding photography. No two photographers would come out with the same images, but wedding photography broadly breaks down to three types, traditional or classic (everyone was traditional 20 years ago). This is someone who is very involved in the day, producing mostly posed shots and will spend time arranging both people and details to look a certain way. Another is photojournalistic, think of them as reality TV photographers they will document what happens seldom or never asking you to pose. The third is balancedthis is one who combines aspects of both. So as you are looking through friend’s albums or magazines think of these styles, decide which you prefer and start looking for photographers who can fulfill that need, also if you hire someone with a balanced approach you could tell them which style you prefer.

Ten Steps For Hiring A Wedding Photographer credit to 7Sky Wedding

Budgeting wisely

At least have a general idea of your budget, I discuss ways to save money here: Saving Money on Wedding Photography  for pricing can vary considerable and you do not want to waste your time with someone who is not within your reach. On the other side if the price is too good to be true, it is most likely someone who is not a real professional and you would be taking a big chance. I have a golden rule about this “cost is something that can usually be negotiated, quality cannot.”

Ten Steps For Hiring A Wedding Photographer credit to Sarah Kate Photography

Personal references / Google searches

Now you have lots of knowledge but how do you find the right person? The first place to start is friends, they have already gone down this road and they might recommend their photographer or give you the name of the person they should have hired. If you do a search on the internet PLEASE go past the first page and more, the first page will be filled with larger firms with big marketing dollars behind them. Vendors can also be a good resource but be warned the venue’s preferred list is a source of advertising revenue for them and usually nothing more.

Jenny Packham gowns

For #4 – #10 in this 10-step guide, head on over to Robert London’s blog page! Looking for further wedding inspiration? Follow my Pinterest and WedAlert’s Pinterest for wedding ideas ranging from how many servings your cake will provide to seasonal flavoring!

Hand-Painted-Wedding-Cake-credit-to-sedona wedding studio

Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes

The gorgeousness of a hand-painted wedding cake can be made to work within your budget, soon-to-be Mrs.! The last decade of my life has been largely dedicated to studying and embracing the love and joy that weddings hold, and I must say that, for me, nothing seems to embody the beauty of a wedding reception better than a work of art specifically created for you and your guests to enjoy in celebration of your day!

Fondant is the perfect canvas for edible paints that will create a heart-stopping work of art to compliment your wedding colors and theme. When planning your hand-painted wedding cake, your imagination is the only limit! Nature inspired themes are frequent, but the medium lends itself to everything from abstract to stained glass to henna designs and wild graffiti-inspired strokes.


On a tight wedding cake budget, darling bride-to-be? A hand-painted wedding cake is the perfect way to make your cake stand out for less! While you can always DIY this type of cake by buying pre-made fondant and going to town with some brushes and edible paint, you can also take advantage of the classic, yet beautifully modern, look of a smaller wedding cake.

We’ve touched on the subject previously, but know that small weddings cakes can be every bit as glamorous as their over-sized counter parts and allow you to have all the high-fashion drama at a much lesser cost than that of a traditional wedding cake!




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Choosing a Wedding Calligrapher credit to Write Away For You Calligraphy

Choosing a Wedding Calligrapher

Looking for a wedding calligrapher to help highlight your invitations, soon-to-be Mrs.? While calligraphy is mainly seen on the inner and outer envelopes of invitations, look into incorporating it into your favor tags, ceremony programs, or escort cards! To save time while addressing your “thank you” letters, order a return address stamp made especially for you!

Read on as Dreamweaver Calligraphy beautifully explains just why to choose a wedding calligrapher!

Choosing a Wedding Calligrapher credit to Designs by Robyn Love

“Why choose a calligrapher?” you might ask. Your wedding invitation is the first thing your guests will see about your wedding – it sets the tone for your whole day! Many calligraphers can help you achieve the impressive look you desire by writing is a style that can fit in with any wedding invitation theme, from modern to traditional. As the bride, you decide what is the impression you want to make and then you go from there. The calligraphy on the invitation envelope helps set the mood for your wedding.

A beautifully addressed envelope or handwritten calligraphy placards tells your guests, “I thought about you today.”  They know the extra work went into making a special impression and many keep the artwork as a souvenir of the time they had at your wedding.

Wedding Calligraphy Tip #1 – Cost

When choosing a calligrapher, it is important to keep in mind several things. The first of these is cost. It may be more economical to hire a calligrapher to design one copy of your invitation or menus to be printed rather than having each handwritten. Or you may choose a calligrapher to do just your placecards while you handwrite the addresses on your wedding invitations yourself (or have a friend help out!). Your budget will dictate how much you are able to do.

Calligraphy-Wedding-Escort-Cards as seen on pinterest

Wedding Calligraphy Tip #2 - Time

The second thing to keep in mind if you are interested in using a calligrapher is the time involved in completing your project whether it be wedding invitations, placards, menus or everything for your wedding day. As with any art form, calligraphy takes time so it is important to take that into consideration when choosing your invitations or even earlier.

Wedding invitations should be mailed at least 6-8 weeks before your wedding and the calligraphy itself may take anywhere from 1 week per 100 invitations or more (especially from January to May and again from July to September, in particular) depending on the calligrapher. Many calligraphers may be booked up and unable to accommodate you if you wait until the last minute to book them (or charge rush fees that will increase all of your overall costs!). The best advice is to start to look for a calligrapher at least as early as you start to look at invitations.

etsy wedding invitation

Wedding Calligraphy Tip #3 - Samples

The third thing to keep in mind when choosing a calligrapher is to know what you want and be sure to ask for samples from everyone. It is tragic when you hire someone to address the invitation envelopes that you so carefully chose to set the tone for your whole day only to realize once they were complete that they were not anything at all like you expected!

A cheaper calligrapher who does not have pretty handwriting or uses pens other that what you expected may end up costing you more in the long run if you have to re-order all new envelopes because the writing was not up to par! Look at their portfolio, ask how they got started in the business, how long they have been doing calligraphy and discuss your vision and be sure the person is on the same page as you. Some calligraphers may only be proficient in a few styles, none of which fit your specific needs while others may be able to scribe in a wide enough variety of styles to design a custom style for your whole wedding.

wedding calligraphy styles

Wedding Calligraphy Tip #4 - Referrals

How do you find this calligrapher that is right for you? Ask from referrals from your wedding consultant, paper and invitation retailers, or from other brides who have used calligraphers. In addition to this, many bridal websites have links pages which will take you directly to calligrapher websites. It is important to make informed decisions and get the calligrapher that is right for you. When talking about adding the special touches that make your day memorable, not only to you but to all of your guests, the calligrapher you choose is someone you want to be able to trust to make your dream day a dream come true!

Choosing a Wedding Calligrapher credit to joshua berman design

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Santorini-Destination-Wedding-Credit-to-christophe wedding photo

Hosting A Santorini Destination Wedding

As the fall months draw nearer and we prepare for the summer weather to leave us, the idea of a destination wedding becomes more and more alluring! From Thailand to SwitzerlandFrance to ItalyIreland to Alaska, we’ve spoken about many perfect wedding destinations, but the gorgeous and romantic Greek island of Santorini may take the cake!

The legends and romantic atmosphere are just a few of the reasons to choose Santorini as your destination wedding location, and with almost 330 days of sunshine every year, the weather need not be a worry while planning an outdoor ceremony!


While some destinations demand you be in the country for 3 – 30 days prior to the ceremony, weddings in Santorini can take place the same day you arrive! The documents required for a legal civil wedding in Santorini can vary slightly depending upon individual circumstances, but as a citizen of the United States, you have two documentation options, as listed below.

Option #1 (To be used when docs are being taken from the U.S)

  • - Full birth certificate (must show both parents names) with an apostille stamp, translated into Greek
  • - Single Status Letter or Letter of No Impediment (for both you and your groom) with an apostille stamp, translated into Greek
  • - Marriage License with apostille that is valid for a wedding outside of the U.S, translated into Greek
  • - Affidavit of Single Status (no apostille or translation required) stamped by the Registrar’s office
  • - Divorce Certificate (only if you have been married previously)
  • - Death Certificate, Deed Poll Certificate, or Adoption Certificate (only if appropriate)
  • - Photocopies of Passports (for both you and your groom)

Option #2 (To be used when docs are picked up in person from the U.S Embassy in Athens)

  • - Affidavit of Marital Status (this will substitute for the Marriage License and Single Status Letter)
  • - Contact the U.S Embassy for further documentation needed depending on your individual circumstance
    91 Vasilisis Sophias Avenue
    10160 Athens, Greece
    P: 30-210-721-2951
    E: AthensAmEmb@state.gov

Note that the Embassy requires an appointment be booked in order to issue an Affidavit of Marital Status; book your appointment online at: http://athens.usembassy.gov/notaries.html

Santorini-Destination-Wedding-Credit-to-Nikos-Rigopoulos-As-Seen-on-Weddings-In-Santorini 2

Santorini-Destination-Wedding-Credit-to-Trim-Photography 3


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Wedding Reception Brunch Tips as seen on huffington post

Wedding Reception Brunch Tips

Just as important as the wedding ceremony itself is choosing what time to celebrate afterwards! While you’re still in the planning stages, consider a wedding reception brunch! By hosting a wedding reception brunch, not only will you have a better chance of finding an opening at popular venues, you will also pocket a hefty chunk of change that can go towards a number of other wedding goodies – like parasailing on your honeymoon!

Wedding menu for reception

With prices ranging from $15 – $80 a head, depending on the venue and menu, and the fact that liquor costs are nearly non-existent when compared to an evening affair, you’ll have money leftover to hire a string quartet to serenade you and your guests as you dine!

For ideas on hosting a brunch reception at home, check out the party Elizabeth Anne Designs pulled together for less than $500.00!

Wedding Reception Brunch Tips as seen on simplyperfectweddings

It’s important to note that not everyone will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come morning, so if your ceremony is being held before your 11am reception, consider offering a coffee and cappuccino bar for wedding attendants and guests. (A phone tree to wake up your bridal party probably isn’t a bad idea either…)

During your wedding reception brunch, remember to keep food light and fresh as most morning tummies aren’t ready for heavy, sugary treats. Instead, try serving juice and cocktails along with your coffee bar and an oatmeal/pancakes station with an array of toppings to choose from. From veggie tarts and mini pizzas to gourmet French toast and eggs benedict, brunch wedding receptions offer a classy and low-key way to celebrate with friends and family.

pancake bar at wedding reception

bacon cups at wedding reception


pancake bar at wedding reception

reception menu lunch

Need more ideas of what to serve? Birchwood Manor offers wedding brunch reception menus and WedAlert offers up their knowledge of the best of the best wedding cake bakeries in every State!

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The Versailles Ballroom, an Ocean County, NJ Wedding Venue credit to The Markows

The Versailles Ballroom, an Ocean County, NJ Wedding Venue

The stage is set, bride-to-be, so strike a pose in the Versailles Ballroom picture-perfect outdoor garden and gazebo area, steal the spotlight in the actual ballroom – boasting high ceilings, huge dance floor, and stunning crystal chandeliers, and then mix and mingle by the brick fireplace and through the French doors of the revamped veranda!

Your supporting cast at Versailles Ballroom awaits… Relax! They note that its their job to make yourjob easier and have plenty of ways to help you skip ahead to the fun parts, and ensure that you get hitched without a hitch. Professional wedding coordinators will be at your side every step of the way; their 24-hour Responsiveness Pledge guarantees it!

The inclusive Versailles Ballroom wedding packages save you time and money with the must-haves covered, such as: dramatic centerpieces, linens, a custom wedding cake, five-hour premium open bar, and bridal suite.

Everything you need is under one roof! Transition seamlessly from ceremony to party to after-party…they can even host your rehearsal dinner and post-nuptial breakfast bash – easy breezy!

Services included in the Versailles Ballroom top-tier Diamond Wedding Package are personal wedding coordinators, maitre d’ dedicated to your event, seasonal attended coat room, and valet parking! Stay in the beautifully appointed Bridal Suite on your wedding night, enjoy hotel accommodations offered at a special rate for wedding guests, a private room for the bridal party during cocktail hour, and breakfast for you and your groom the following morning!

Call Versailles Ballroom at: 732-719-1206 to book your personal tour and meet the team!

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