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What Music To Play When During Your Wedding Ceremony

Let’s go over the basics of what music to play when, dear bride-to-be! At its bare bones, a basic wedding music setup includes a prelude, processional, and recessional; a full setup includes a prelude, pre-processional, processional, bridal march, interlude, recessional, and postlude.

Finding a great musician is the key to perfect musical timing! Your prelude, ambient background music, normally begins as the first guests arrive – around 45 minutes before your ceremony; it can begin later, but try to not start later than 20 minutes before the festivities start.

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Once your guests have been seated, expect to hear a slight skip in the music (and a matching skip in your heart!) as your musicians shift into the pre-processional, which allows your family members to take their walk down the aisle. The processional directly following is set to cue your bridal party to take their positions surrounding the altar and then, soon-to-be Mrs., it’s your turn! The bridal march is traditionally heavy in timber with a deliberate cadence that allows for perfectly times steps towards your handsome groom; remember that even with a simple three-step music setup, there is still the opportunity to change songs as you enter the room for a touch of added drama!

wedding processional

Include an interlude during the quiet moments in your ceremony, like a sand ceremony or lighting of a unity candle, and after you’ve said “I do”, smile and soak in the applause and cheers of your family and friends as your recessional music, normally lively and joyous, accompanies your exit. Your musicians will keep your guests entertained with a light postlude as they take their leave.

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2014 Bridesmaid Dress Trends

The venue, caterer, and limo have been booked. There’s a cake tasting on Tuesday, a dress fitting on Thursday, and you’ve set aside time on Friday to look up the meanings of flowers for your bouquet (word to the wise, stay away from striped carnations!), and now it’s time to have a little fun, explore the latest 2014 trends, and choose your bridesmaid dress!

Gauzy overlays are the new jeweled illusion necklines! Bridesmaids are cutting down on the bling and enjoying a more ethereal look with sheer layers of fabric that fall gently to the floor.

Gauze Overlay bridesmaid dress

Offering a unique asymmetrical shape that can be delicate for a feminine look or bold for a fashion-forward edge, one-shoulder dresses are making a comeback!

One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Lace will forever be a wedding mainstay; from cakes to flowers to your own bridal gown, lace instantly transforms anything it graces into graceful beauty!

Lace bridesmaid dress

Demure back cutouts, like a lace keyhole, steps outside the box and showcases your gal Friday’s sexiness while staying classy.

Cutout bridesmaid dress

Sequins, sparkles, and beading – oh my! 2014 brides are making sure their bridesmaids feel just as glamorous as they do during their jaunt down the aisle with dress that shimmer and shine!

Sequin sparkle bridesmaid dress

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vintage-wedding-cake-credit-to-the pretty cake company

Vintage Wedding Cakes

Vintage wedding cake styling started as a trend, but it’s one that has yet to fade or become passé! Vintage wedding style is sophisticated and gorgeous – all while adding a timeless and historic feeling to your day.

For the bride, there are many opportunities to add a touch of vintage beauty to your big day, from opera length gloves, delicate basket veils, and sweetheart necklines, to a 40′s big band playing you and yours into the night, and a surprisingly glamorous location… Think about an old school theatre, train car, or a historic mansion! These sites are bursting with natural romance and can accommodate almost any season.


Those options aside, vintage wedding style translates perfectly to your cake! What makes a wedding cake vintage? Its beauty, romance, and elegance, of course! Your wedding cake can echo your dress with intricate lace patterns and appliques, or add romance and elegance with folds of ruffled icing! Finish it off with delicate sugar flowers and a vintage topper that you can hold on to as a romantic keepsake you can use every year on your anniversary! Regardless of how you add vintage wedding cake style to your day, success is in the details – whether it’s a milk glass cake stand, added elements like toppers or accessories, or intricate design.

No matter how you decide to use vintage wedding styling on your cake, it is sure to be beautiful! Looking for further wedding inspiration, darling bride-to-be?Follow my Pinterest and WedAlert’s Pinterest for wedding ideas ranging from wedding cake pricing to a wedding cake serving size guide!


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Where-To-Get-Married-as seen on Affordable Personalized Weddings

How To Decide Where To Get Married

One of the most important decisions you will make in planning your wedding is where to get married! Where you get wed will influence all the other elements of your ceremony, from the date you will say your vows to the vendors you will hire to your overall wedding budget. Read on below for the four main elements to keep in mind when deciding where to get married.


Narrow down your options from the get-go

Don’t wait too long after your groom pops the question to sit down and discuss where to get married. Indoor or outdoor? Big or small? Plated or passed food reception? The answer to these questions will help you eliminate some possible venues from the outset and save you a lot of time. How does it save you time? Because…


Visit, visit, visit!

Before committing to a specific venue, you need to see it for yourself! Clearly this won’t be possible with a destination wedding, but otherwise, visit, visit, visit!

If you’re having a small wedding, you need to verify that the venue isn’t too large for your smaller guest list; if you’re having a larger affair – you need confirmation that there is enough room for your family and friends to sit and move around without feeling cramped!

Think about the kind of wedding you want to have and evaluate the space by that standard. For example, if you want your guests to dance, there has to be a dance floor!



If you fall in love with a specific venue, there is the possibility that you may have to shift your expected wedding date; if you’ve chosen a specific wedding date for sentimental reasons, the first question you might ask a potential venue is the availability of that date.


Are specific vendors required?

Many wedding venues offer lists of preferred vendors and expect brides to commit to that specific list of vendors – which means you cannot bring in your own caterer, florist, etc. This is not necessarily a bad thing, soon-to-be Mrs.!

The incredible upside to venues offering this list is that each recommended vendor has been time-tested as fabulous and reliable. On the other hand, these vendors may not fit into your budget or offer the specific products and services you have in mind, so asking if specific vendors are required is a critical piece of information that could affect your final decision.


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Eco-Friendly-Wedding-Flower-Arrangements-Photo Credit to Hanle Productions

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flower Arrangements

You can make your wedding day eco-friendly in more ways than one, darling bride-to-be! You may have already considered being careful not to register for items that you and your handsome groom don’t really need, you’ve minimized the amount of driving your guests need to do, and are planning to donate any leftover food rather than throwing it out…

Congratulations! You are an inspiration to every bride looking to have a green wedding!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Flower Arrangements Flowers As Seen On eco-beautifulweddings

What is a bride to do, however, when she loves peonies – a flower that blooms from spring to early summer – and is hosting a fall or winter wedding? Is it possible to find eco-friendly floral arrangements in this situation? Of course!

Substitute those lovely peonies for their lookalike: ranunculus! The full high-petal count on these blooms will give you the same look and feel of a peony without the added expense.

Green Wedding Flowers

Additionally, conventionally grown flowers includes an unhealthy  amount of chemical pesticides and fresh-cut blooms are often flown in from warmer climates, but don’t fret, soon-to-be Mrs.! Remove the need for long-distance transportation by choosing a local florist who grows in-season blooms organically or simply grow your own blooms or force bulbs!

At the end of your wedding reception, after your guests have danced the last electric slide, donate your blooms to a nursing home or hospital – or send your guests home with a bouquet!

Remember, the smallest eco-friendly decision made today has a big impact on tomorrow!


Eco-Friendly-Wedding-Flower-Arrangements-As Seen On whatcomflowers

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pregnant bride

How To Embrace Being A Pregnant Bride

There’s so much to celebrate when you’re getting married to the love of your life and having a baby forged from that love – but when you’re juggling those two life events at the same time, it can be a little overwhelming! Pregnancy and Baby notes that there is “no need to hide your gloriously protruding belly, and there’s definitely no need to hide how fabulous your breasts look right now. We’ve come a long way from the days when pregnant brides accepted a quiet, civil ceremony so that no one could see “her condition”…”

Getting Married While Pregnant as seen on affairyevents

When planning, remember that timing is key! If possible, try to set your walk down the aisle during your second trimester as morning sickness should be gone – or at least eased up a bit, and you’re more likely to enjoy walking (rather than adorably waddling) to your handsome groom. Pregnancy fatigue hits some brides early in the day and others late at night, so know yourself and work around that sleepiness!

Worried about what to wear? Pregnancy and Baby knows that “the challenge is finding, ordering and fitting a dress that’s going to suit you several months from now when you have no idea the dimensions your body will take. Eliminate the guesswork (and the stress) by selecting a gown with an empire waist. That is, the waist begins right below the bustline and hangs straight from there. Designers are styling dresses with pregnant tummies in mind. You will find maternity gowns and formal dresses cut to suit your body, with wonderful tie tabs in the back that you can use to pull in your waistline as desired for the perfect silhouette.

Getting Married While Pregnant as seen on style me pretty

Getting Married While Pregnant as seen on bklynbrideonline 2

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Succulent Wedding Cakes

We touched on succulent wedding cakes last year while working through popular Summer 2013 wedding cake trends, but they’re so beautiful – they deserve their own post! As previously mentioned, arrangements of edible sugar-paste succulent rosette accents on a beautifully tiered confection are the perfect addition for eco-friendly ceremonies!

Succulent Wedding Cakes credit to vaughan-the-caketress

These sophisticated desert flowers are sprouting up everywhere in the wedding world, making their mark on everything from bridal bouquets and reception centerpieces to wedding favors and boutonnieres! Naturally occurring in a variety of shades, succulent wedding cakes add a contemporary floral touch to your big day.

Melody Brandon, owner of the Sweet & Saucy Shop, shares her thoughts about succulent wedding cakes:

“I do have to say that I love the succulent trend. Of course as all trends go, succulents on cakes can be over done and not original, but on the other hand I do see a lot of cakes that feature succulents that are amazing. I really love the idea of doing all gold or silver succulents instead of the typical green. I also like seeing various succulents being used rather than always the typical basic succulent style.”

Succulent Wedding Cakes credit to sugar flower cake shop 2

Succulent Wedding Cakes credit to sugar flower cake shop

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Botanical Wedding Venue

How To Plan A Botanical Garden Wedding

Traditional chapel weddings, beach weddings, and destination weddings may immediately spring to mind when thinking of your venue, but  also consider a botanical garden wedding to let the local flora and fauna provide a natural backdrop to your wedding photos!

Every major city (and many not-so-major cities) have botanical gardens, and most are available for booking your very own botanical garden wedding! Love the idea of a botanical garden wedding – but have your heart set on holding a destination wedding? Talk to Romance Journeys!

How to plan a botanical garden wedding photo credit to Ramblin' Rose Photography

Romance Journeys is known in the wedding world as the full service travel agency for destination honeymoons and weddings! They’ll help you find a perfect wedding venue by working with on-site coordinators to help manage your arrangements and can supply you with a list of recommended vendors they’ve successfully worked with in the past; and darling bride-to-be, they also offer a “Best Price Match” guarantee and custom-tailored wedding packages!

Botanical garden weddings are a terrific option for mid-morning or early afternoon weddings and come pre-decorated with fresh flowers and plants! Before looking up your local botanical garden for details, take a look at the following botanical garden wedding inspiration!

How to plan a botanical garden wedding Photo-Credit-to-Jamie-Lee-Photography

How to plan a botanical garden wedding Photo-Credit-to-Nathan-Peel-Photography

How to plan a botanical garden wedding photo credit to Graceology Photography

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Country wedding music

Real Wedding Country Music

I stand by the firm belief that every woman has a little bit of a country soul! From swooning over a man who stands when you enter a room to simply adoring Luke Bryan’s crooning, this “proper” Kansas wedding will have you hankering for a country wedding jig of your own! Ashley and Sean had a live band, the Phantoms of the Opry, to ensure the guests heels stayed kickin’ and the skirts stayed swingin’! The darling bride shared details and inspiration, noting:

Real Wedding Country Music credit to Austin Goldberg

“My husband and I are pretty sentimental people, and after months of searching for a venue we thought: “Why don’t we get married someplace that matters to us, instead of spending a fortune on a compromise where everyone else gets hitched?” My grandparents live on the outskirts of Kansas City and we couldn’t have gotten a better, more special spot. In homage to the land and our family we were set on having a “proper” Kansas City wedding.

Our entire inspiration stemmed from our favorite whiskey bar, Harry’s Country Club. We spent a lot of time there together and felt it embodied everything we love about our Cowtown—from the home-cooked menu, the dapper service, and the classic country jukebox. We even hired the band that frequents Harry’s to play at the wedding, Phantoms of the Opry; they won our hearts with a voice uncannily like Hank Williams Senior and a steel guitar to kill.”

Read the full post and check out Ashley and Sean’s wedding playlist at Hi-Fi Weddings!

Real Wedding Country Music credit to Austin Goldberg 3

Real Wedding Country Music credit to Austin Goldberg 2

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Flower-Petals-for-Wedding-Aisle-Credit-to-true wedding photography

Wedding Aisle Flower Petals

Instead of bridal bouquets, boutonniere ideas, or floral arrangements for your wedding reception, today we’re going to look into beautiful ways to use flower petals for your march down the aisle! Is there anything more romantic than rosebud petals leading you to your first kiss as husband and wife?

Flower-Petals-for-Wedding-Aisle-Credit-to-louis guerra design

Boasting a multitude of colors and hundreds of different ways to use them, you can personalize flower petals to whatever suits your personality best! Whether your wedding is inside or outdoors, a laid-back backyard ceremony or a formal affair, flower petals can make all the difference.

Scattered petals in any color add a sense of informality and romantic whimsy, while more elaborate formal flower petal designs can make a real statement! Lead your guests to the wedding site and give yourself a grand entrance with a flower petal pathway or use less aisles by simply edging the aisles – while still adding the same amount of color and drama!

outdoor wedding ideas

wedding flower design



Wondering how to figure out just how many flower petals will be needed to cover your wedding aisle? Fifty Flowers has a video explaining how to create your rose petal aisle and calculate how many petals will be needed!

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