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Switzerland Destination Wedding

La suisse n’existe pas: Switzerland does not exist.

Nearly half of the 40,000 Switzerland destination weddings that take place every year are held between June and September; during these four months, castles, mansions, and lakeside restaurants from Geneva to St Gallen are fully booked – so start your planning early!

Note that, like a few nearby countries, Switzerland destination weddings require that you legally marry at a registry office before exchanging vows in a church. Once you have the proper documents, you and your newly minted husband are free to hold a ceremony anywhere you choose; many previous brides and grooms have chosen to bypass the local churches in favor of a castle courtyard or alpine chapel – but finding clergy willing to perform weddings outside their own parishes is not always easy.

Looking to entwine some Swiss traditions into your ceremony? Swiss brides traditionally wear a crown or wreath down the aisle, symbolizing her maidenhood; the wreath is removed and burned after the exchanging of the vows – if the crown burns quickly, the bride is considered lucky. Once newlyweds and are living in their new home, a pine tree is planted in their yard to represent fertility.

As noted on Crikey.com, weddings in Switzerland are steeped in tradition and there is a veritable minefield of rules, social mores, and appropriate attire. From knowing that Swiss wedding guests are expected to sing for their supper (literally) to how to best negotiate gravel, grass and cowpies in high heels – read on at Crikey for their Swiss Wedding Survival Guide!

Switzerland Destination Weddings


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Peacock Feathered Wedding Cakes (and DIY Sugar Feathers!)

Edible sugar flowers are seen adorning wedding cakes all over the world, but today, we’re going to buck tradition and take a closer look at the elegant trend of feathered wedding cakes! Seen on everything from wedding invitations, hair accessories, and flower girl baskets, from the edible to the pluckable, over the past several weeks, I’ve received dozens of emails for information on peacock feathers as wedding cake decor – which comes as no surprise!

From its symbolism to its bright coloring, a peacock feather wedding cakes would be the talk of your reception! Offset the plumes with a delicate lace pattern, or add a subtle elegance with a quilted multi-tiered cake.

Cream Color Scheme for Wedding


Are you a DIY-lovin’ bride looking to make your own wedding cake? Follow along with the guide below to learn how to make your own edible rice paper feathers for breathtaking wedding cake decor! Kim Blakesley describes, in detail, a step-by-step process on YahooVoices how to easily prep your feathers!

‘Edible rice paper is a thin layer of starch-based paper used to create designs and textures on cakes. Rice paper is pressed onto a flexible plastic backing. The backing provides a stable surface for the rice paper so it does not rip prior to use. These thin pieces of ‘frosting paper’ may be printed on with a special printer or cut into shapes. The shapes are used as edible decorations on sheet cakes, birthday cakes and wedding cakes. A shape that is desired on wedding cakes is a feather. The shape of the feather is as simple as a long narrow triangle or as complicated as a feather with fringed edges.


Edible rice paper
Sharp pointed scissors
28 gauge white wire
Wire cutters
Piping gel
Pearl dust
Tea pot


Step 1 – Draw a paper template in the desired feather shape. For example, a simple triangle feather is approximately 1 ½-inches wide and 4-inches long. A teardrop feather is approximately 1 ½-inches wide at the widest portion of the teardrop and 4-inches long. Cut the paper template from the paper.

Step 2 – Place the paper template on the surface of the rice paper. Cut along the outside edge of the template to create the desired number of rice paper feathers.

Step 3 – Remove the plastic sheet from the back of each rice paper feather. The straight sided triangle shape is ready for Step 5 at this point.

Step 4 – Cut ½ to ¾-inch long diagonal cuts along the curved edge of the rice paper feather starting approximately ½-inch from the tip of the teardrop shape. Continue with the cuts along the entire outside edge of the feather. The closer the diagonal cuts are together, the more realistic the feather will look.’

Read on at YahooVoices to finish off your project!

Quilted Wedding Cake


Purple Ribbon on Wedding Cake

glamourous-wedding-cake-wedding-cake-with-feathers-all-white-wedding-cake-wedding-food-wedding-ideas-cake-with-bow-wedding-party-blog Glamorous

Purple Color Scheme for Wedding

Pink Color Scheme for Wedding

Cream Wedding Cake


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Civil Ceremony Wedding Music credit to kristenfinn

Wedding Music For A Civil Ceremony

Before reviewing civil ceremony wedding music trends: What is a civil ceremony? Basically, a civil wedding is when a marriage ceremony is conducted by a local officiant rather than by an official in a church; but that doesn’t mean waiting your turn in line at City Hall! More and more brides and grooms-to-be these days are choosing to say “I do” in a secular wedding ceremony while holding to tradition as much -or as little- as they like!

Just like your ‘everyday’ traditional wedding, civil ceremonies can be held in a far-off destination or on a lakefront in your home town; you can host a civil ceremony in front of a half dozen family members, or every person you’ve come into contact with since birth.

Brides and grooms who choose to move forward with a civil ceremony normally do so for one of four reasons:

  • - Neither the bride or groom is religious,
  • - the bride and groom desire a simple, inexpensive wedding ceremony,
  • - the bride and groom have different religious backgrounds and are looking to avoid potential issues that sometimes come along with interfaith ceremonies,
  • - you have ceremony details that go against the rules of certain religions or have wedding ideas that your pastor or clergy won’t allow (think, walking your recessional to the Flaming Lips Do You Realize or Smashmouth’s I’m a Believer…)

While most civil ceremonies bypass the usual Christian and Jewish traditions, you can expect the same basic structure to your wedding day: wedding party processional, opening readings, sharing of the vows, exchange of rings, pronouncement, first kiss, closing readings or remarks, and bridal party recessional. You’ll have to speak to your officiant, but most will allow you to include your own readings or music selections.

Now that we’ve reviewed the basics, let’s get back to what’s important… Your civil ceremony wedding music!

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Next Exit Photography 2

Next Exit Photography, A Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Los Angeles wedding photographers, Next Exit Photography are known for their magazine-worthy images full of heart and emotion. More importantly, they are recognized for their unmatched quality of service and familial devotion to their clients. Clients appreciate owners’ sense of humor and camaraderie, which they combine with an artistic eye and an acute awareness to capture the most spontaneous and genuine interactions.

Since opening the studio in 2003, husband and wife super-duo Cat and Adi Benner have embraced the following mantra: No moment missed, no detail overlooked. Sure to capture the unique personality of each couple, they cover both the most intimate and celebratory moments and are known for putting their clients at ease, for delivering on the promises they make, and for their determined craftsmanship. Whether sophisticated and traditional, or funky and chic: they will work their camera-magic so that your own unique personality shines through every photograph!

bridal prep

Though today’s trend in wedding photography leans toward editorial-style photojournalism, Next Exit Photography also has a penchant for extracting each couple’s distinctive personality. They construct comfortable poses for the bride and groom and their wedding party, however experienced in front of the camera they may be. They will also formally (or, if you choose, informally) document your family history using a “must-take” list provided by you (and probably your mother-in-law…).

Next Exit Photography’s work has been published around the globe in The Knot Magazine, Bride’s Magazine, Pacific Weddings, Your Wedding Day, California Wedding Day, Brideworld, Southern Weddings Magazine, C Magazine, Palm Springs Life, Wedding Style Guide (Australia), Anhelo Magazine (Japan), B Magazine (Ireland), People, Newsweek, Billboard and the Los Angeles Times.

first look


Adi Benner is known for his exceptional documentary-style approach; he has an innate skill for capturing a couple in almost any environment. From a lush garden to a dark hallway, an old train track to a florescent fast food restaurant, Adi’s talent for discovering the most beautiful and sincere moments has evoked more than a few bridal tears of joy. As a graduate of the USC Cinema School in 1994, Adi focused his studies in photojournalism and environmental portraiture.

During the vagabond years of her early twenties, Cat Krantz Benner carried her camera to thirty countries, where she learned to document the intricate and distinctive details of different customs and cultures. Cat excels in relaxed portraiture and prides herself on capturing the exact moment anyone else would miss; she will make you look perfectly calm on your wedding day (even if you perfectly aren’t). Though her joyful yet laid-back attitude puts family and guest at ease, Cat would never be accused of lacking assertiveness. She will climb atop shwanky hotel furniture or crawl under a muddy park bench to ensure that perfect shot.

first look groom crying

groomsmen photos

bridal party photos

bridesmaids photos

maid of honor toast

father walking daughter down the aisle

wedding vows

bride and groom

wedding reception

husband and wife

first dance dip



sparklers for wedding reception recessional

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Mexico Destination Wedding

Whether your looking for a luxurious wedding ceremony in Riviera Maya or an adventure honeymoon, Mexico destination weddings are picking up steam! From spas to pristine beaches, gourmet food to lively night club scenes, these resorts have everything you need for a romantic and relaxing Mexico destination wedding!

For more information about planning a Mexico destination wedding, read on at Visit Mexico!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

On the renowned Maroma beach in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, El Dorado Maroma, a beachfront resort by Karisma, provides a secluded, enchanting setting for those looking to escape. Amidst the gorgeous Caribbean surroundings, this intimate resort with just 74 suites, is perfect for romantic getaways, destination weddings, and sensational honeymoons.

Whether you plan for an beautiful outdoor wedding or an intimate wedding in our beachfront chapel, El Dorado Maroma can cater to all of your needs!

Maroma beach

Just minutes from Playa del Carmen and the distinctive outdoor Playacar del Carmen restaurants, authentic Mexican shops, bars, and nightclubs of the Fifth Avenue is Playacar Palace. This intimate and luxurious ‘palace’ is an all-inclusive Playa del Carmen resort sitting on the white sand beach of the Caribbean Sea!

beach wedding

Set on a flawlessly white beach in the sleepy coastal town of Puerto Morelos, the Ceiba del Mar looks like something out of a dream! Close enough to Cancun to enjoy the city’s shopping, dining, and partying opportunities, Puerto Morelos is also isolated enough to create the perfect tropical castaway feel for your dream honeymoon or destination wedding.

Hosting 49 suites, 32 deluxe rooms, and 7 penthouses to choose from -all with stunning views- Ceiba del Mar can create exactly the type of experience you are looking for!

Puerto Morelos, Hotel Ceiba del Mar

Read on for beautiful destination wedding inspiration via gorgeous wedding photos in Mexico, and then head on over to my Pinterest and WedAlert’s Pinterest! You’ll find boards with wedding ideas ranging from planning a wedding in Alaska to putting together a reception under $5,000!

Outdoor wedding

First Look Wedding

Wedding by the water

Bridal Party Wedding Pictures

Bride and groom beach wedding

Beach wedding photography

pocket wedding invitations credit to claudehuss

Pocket Wedding Invitations

Of the many things we’ve learned from Printed Creations, including tips for mailing your wedding invitations, perhaps the trendiest is their notes on the many styles of pocket wedding invitations!

Printed Creations notes that pocket wedding invitations are perfect for a modern feel as their contemporary look can be stylish with the added bonus of organization!

Translucent Pocket

This type of wedding invitation is folded to size so the front is slightly visible when it is inserted into the transparent pocket. Sometimes, the pocket will have a design printed on the front that will gracefully blend with the design showing through from the inserted invitation. With this style, the invitation cards are usually a tri-fold or z-fold designed to fit the smaller pocket size.

Willow Edge Translucent Floral Wedding Invitations

Pocket Mailer

Also known as a self-mailer, this style comes with an envelopment that holds your invitation card and a bottom pocket for holding enclosure pieces. Required customer assembly will involve attaching the card to the envelopment with provided glue dots; once assembled, the envelopment wraps around your invitation to fold up into its own self-mailing piece adhered with a clear seal.

Rustic Chic Winery - Recycled Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

Pocket Wrap

This design has an outer wrap to surround your wedding invitation and a pocket for holding enclosure cards – but is inserted and mailed in a separate envelope. Depending on the invitation design, the pocket could be located at the bottom or on the side.

Red Wedding Invitations

Side-by-Side Pocket Folder

This stylish folder wrap opens to reveal two equal side-by-side pockets, one for the invitation and the other for insert cards. In some styles, the jacket or pocket does not cover the entire invitation and actually reveals a portion of it as part of its unique design.

Pocket Fold Wrap Band Wedding Invitations

Instead of the traditional double envelopes, many times pocket invitations only include a single mailing envelope. If the inner envelope is eliminated, you will need to list specifically who is invited from that household on the actual mailing envelope.

If the pocket wedding invitation style you choose is larger in size or has extra weight, keep in mind it may require extra postage! The more insert cards you include, the heavier the weight will be, which could affect the required postage. Also, check the product description for mention of an extra postage possibility. To determine if extra postage is required, be sure to take one of your ready-to-mail wedding invitations to the Post Office for an official weight.

Find a variety of pocket wedding invitation designs at Printed Creations Wedding Store and follow my Pinterest and WedAlert’s Pinterest for wedding ideas ranging from how many servings your cake will provide to planning your destination wedding!


Seasonal Wedding Flowers

There are some posts that are best served piping hot from the original author, and that is definitely the case with Laurel Benedum’s post on Charlotte Magazine laying out seasonal wedding flowers!

Summer Wedding Flowers

‘Wedding bells and bouquets in bloom may not always align when it comes to the vision a bride has for her floral arrangements. And while most anything can be flown in from across the globe, the premiums are steep. The less stressful (and more budget-friendly) option is to choose flowers in season for your big day. Aside from a handy list below which details each season’s flowers in bloom, here are a few additional basics to keep in mind:

For those in want of a large variety of pink, spring and summer will present the most options. Vibrant reds and yellows grow in winter, and these intense hues can easily be toned down with the addition of greens such as Molucella. Autumn blooms include rich reds and oranges. So, now that you have the color basics in your arsenal, you can consult our detailed list below to reference specific flowers you may have in mind.’

Read on at Charlotte Wedding for Laurel’s Poetic Petals story where she expresses additional stats on several favorite wedding flowers! Love the dress shown in the photo above? It’s a Catherine Dean Godiva Gown!



Bright Wedding Flowers


Beautiful Calla-Lily



Red Wedding Flowers

Cream Wedding Flowers

How To Decorate Your Cake Table credit to Carnival Studio

How To Decorate Your Cake Table

Your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception, so how you display and decorate your cake table is important! From covering your table in flower petals to utilizing gorgeous cake stands or draping your table in delicate fabrics, there are many ways to showcase your wedding cake! WedAlert wedding planners from around the U.S have offered the top four hints and tips for decorating your cake table below, so read on!

Flower table decoration wedding reception

Choose a table that is an appropriate size for your cake

Don’t allow the beauty of your wedding cake to get lost in an ocean of space or be forced to cover that empty space with decorations that might take away from the beauty of your cake; instead, think about the size of your wedding cake, especially if you’re planning for floating cake tiers!

Use an heirloom tablecloth

If you have a tablecloth that was your mother’s or your grandmother’s, this is a beautiful place to use it! (Just be sure to protect it with a custom-cut piece of clear vinyl!)

Plan where to display your cake

Keep in mind that your choice of wedding cake icing can change the location of where your cake is presented! As an example, if your heart is set on a wedding cake with buttercream icing or a whipped cream layer, you won’t want to have it displayed all day at an outdoor summer wedding – otherwise you may end up with a puddle, rather than a cake!

Present your cake

Traditionally, your cake is the centerpiece of your day and much of your reception décor is based around it. If you’re looking for a fresh way to wow your guests, however, keep your cake out of sight until it is time to cut, then dim the lights and present your cake in its full splendor. Gather your guests around prior to cutting the cake to make this a genuinely memorable wedding moment.

Roses as wedding cake table decor

hanging cake

Lighting for wedding cake table

wedding cake table

purple wedding cake palette

tulle on wedding cake table

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Fisher’s Tudor House, A Bensalem, PA Wedding Venue

The grand centerpiece of any upscale wedding is an elegant cake, and at Fisher’s Tudor House, you design it and they’ll create it!  The in-house bake shop is run by one of the owners of Fisher’s Tudor House, Pete Pavlis. He and his staff trained at the Culinary Institute of America, and the pastry staff creations, like their fabulous wedding dessert table, are guaranteed to please! The best part? Your cake will be included in your wedding package! You can see some of their creations in the online wedding cake gallery. 

Fisher’s Tudor House is an upscale wedding venue perfect for your exquisite reception! Their spacious ballrooms are beautifully decorated with high ceilings, rich draperies, crystal chandeliers, and sconces, while more intimate weddings are hosted in equally elegant reception rooms. Each venue space is a canvas for you to put your personality to with elegance, luxury, and style.

layered wedding cake

Start by having one of the Fisher’s Tudor House Event Specialists take you on a tour of their beautiful facility before your own personal consultation with Stephen, a wedding expert who has been arranging receptions for more than 25 years! There are many fashionable rooms for you to select the perfect reception venue to match your style and accommodate the size of your ceremony. All of the Fisher’s Tudor House ballrooms include a private bridal suite for your convenience! Review their stunning rooms online or by coming in at your convenience.

Fisher’s Tudor House notes that your happiness is all that concerns them. Linens and decor will be coordinated from their wide selection to match your color scheme perfectly. Have a theme in mind? Stephen and his team will work with you to ensure your ceremony and reception are exactly as you wish and more! Next, you, with the guidance of the Fisher’s Tudor House experts, will determine the perfect selections from the extensive menus to delight your most discriminating guests.

Watch a video of a traditional Jewish wedding occupying the entire upstairs of Fisher’s Tudor House with the ceremony in the Crystal Ball Room, a cocktail hour in the Rose Terrace, and a spectacular reception in the Versailles Ball Room!

Fishers-Tudor-House-As Seen on Fishers Tudor House Facebook 2


Fishers-Tudor-House-As Seen on Fishers Tudor House Facebook

cream wedding cake

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Galia Lahav: Glorious Wedding Gowns

The fashion house Galia Lahav creates glorious wedding gowns that define a new era of elite women’s fashion. From delicate embroidery and brilliant beading, to the finest lace and silk, and her signature illusion back, every wedding gown is truly a masterpiece. Galia Lahav is a world-renowned designer with boutique locations around the globe. She is considered one the world’s leading designers and her pieces clearly illustrate why. Her wedding gowns come with prestigious price tags averaging between $13,000 and $18,000, and make brides look stunning in every way for their special day. We interviewed Cristina DeMarco, Vice President and Lead Buyer at Bridal Reflections, as well as her brides, and they helped us choose top styles from Galia Lahav’s haute couture bridal collections.

Are you a Galia Lahav girl?  Pin the styles you adore and read more about the fashion house in the press release.

La Dolce Vida Collection: Style-Florentina


The St-Tropez Cruise Collection: Style-Patchouli


The Empress Collection: Style-Fiona