Universal Orlando Resort's Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Wedding Venues

Are you hoping to showcase an eery Halloween wedding ceremony or reception – but can’t find that perfect haunted venue? Don’t fret, my beautiful bridal ghouls! As a student of the spooky, the creepy, the scary, and the downright unexplainable, I offer you three of the top haunted wedding venues! Each one is beautiful, elegant, and completely spooky in their own right; in short, a perfect spot for a Halloween-themed wedding!

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

While the Stanley Hotel uses the tag line: “75,000 feet above the ordinary”, they may do better to simply proclaim: “The Shining Hotel” as Stephen King wrote the popular fiction after spending the night in Room 217! Located in a Colorado resort town just east of Rocky Mountain National Park, the Stanley Hotel has earned a spirit-ridden reputation, and both the Syfy channel’s Ghost Hunters and Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures have both filmed here!

The Stanley Hotel

Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island

The Belcout Castle is not only grand, it’s said to posses secret passages, a screaming suit of armor, and a haunted monk carving. What’s better, the castles hosts an annual Halloween shindig so you and your guests will receive a scary party two-fer! The castle also offers ghost tours and tours by candlelight on a regular basis. There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity in the castle, particularly in the ballroom on the second floor. The property was also featured on an episode of the Syfy channel’s Ghost Hunters.

Belcourt Castle

Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts

Bridget Bishop, the first woman to be executed at the Salem witch trials, once owned an apple orchard on the very site where the Hawthorne Hotel stands, and both guests and staff report that a ghostly smell of apples still waft down the hallway… Join the staff at Hawthorne Hotel for the social event of the season:The Annual Costume Party! Held on October 26, the evening will include food, music, and controlled chaos, interrupted only by a costume contest with up to $1,500 in prizes!

Hawthorne Hotel

halloween wedding invitation

halloween wedding photography

halloween wedding flowers

halloween wedding cake

For Halloween wedding flowers ideas, read on here and for those spooky Halloween wedding invitations, hop on over here!

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Tips For Mailing Wedding Invitations credit to modern magazin

Tips For Mailing Wedding Invitations

You may think, darling bride-to-be, that mailing wedding invitations is the final step in the process, but read on for wedding invitation tips offered by Printed Creations to make sure there are no surprises! While wedding invitation shopping, be sure to carefully read the product description for a notice of ‘extra postage required’; this notice is typically made on pocket, self-mailer, and larger square designs, but keep in mind it could be noted on other styles as well.



Here are some additional tips from Printed Creations for mailing wedding invites:

  • - Be sure you have a return address either pre-printed or handwritten on the outside of your wedding invitation envelope, preferably on the back flap. This will make certain that the Post Office will return any undeliverable invitations back to that address.
  • - Enclosed response cards should have a postage stamp on the return mailing envelope as a convenience to your guests. Only a postcard stamp is required saving some postage costs if the response card is a postcard style.
  • - To determine the correct amount of postage needed, the Post Office should weigh one of your assembled and ready-to-mail wedding invites.
  • - Purchasing self-adhesive stamps will make things easier. The Post Office will have several styles for you to choose from or you may want to create your own custom wedding stamps through an online retailer. You can choose an already designed wedding stamp or simply upload a favorite photo to share as part of your invitation mailing. Personalizing them with your names and/or wedding date if often an option as well.
  • - Mail all of your wedding invites directly at a Post Office about 4 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding date, maybe even sooner if you are having a destination or holiday wedding. For weddings to be held during holiday times, over a holiday weekend or at a far-a-way destination, the recommendation is for the invitations to be mailed 10-12 weeks ahead of the wedding.


One last, but very important, thing to keep in mind pertains to postage; be watchful for any scheduled postage rate increases that may occur between your purchasing your postage and the actual mailing date. With response cards, make sure the postage you provide will still be adequate when guests are mailing them back – which could be up until two weeks before your wedding.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation




DIY Layered Wedding Invitation template







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birth month wedding flowers-As-Seen-On-whatcomflowers

Birth Month Wedding Flowers

Express your style in your bridal bouquet with your birth month flowers! Wedding flowers, like gemstones, are linked to corresponding birth months, and for this reason, a lot can be ‘said’ by simply introducing specific blooms into floral pieces at your ceremony and reception.

Some couples have even begun to use the flower that corresponds to their wedding month to symbolize the birth of their new life together as husband and wife. Check the chart below to locate your birth month flower!

birth month wedding flowers-As-Seen-On-onewed

You can take this trend a step further, darling bride-to-be, by thinking of those who hold a special place in your heart, like your parents or grandparents, and honoring them by including their birth flower into their individual bouquets or corsages.

Whether you show your birth month flowers in your own bouquet, have them sewn into the backline of your wedding gown, or strew them on a reception table, the presence of wedding flowers have the ability to speak the language of love!  Did you know that tulips are seen as one of the best representations of love and passion between newlyweds, while marigold denotes grief? Decide what silent message you’ll be sending to your groom with my wedding flower symbolism guide!

January: Carnation

Pink and Green Wedding Flowers

February: Violet

Purple Wedding Flowers

March: Daffodil

Yellow Wedding Flowers

April: Daisy

White Wedding Flowers

May: Lily of the Valley

White Wedding Flowers

June: Rose

Red Wedding Flowers

July: Larkspur

Wedding Color Scheme

August: Gladiolus

Green Wedding Flowers

September: Aster

Purple Wedding Flowers

October: Calendula

Orange Wedding Flowers

November: Chrysanthemum

Bright Wedding Flowers

December: Poinsettia

Winter Wedding Flowers


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small-wedding-cake-credit to funtwentyone

Small Wedding Cakes

Small wedding cakes can help you cut down on a large portion of your overall wedding budget, but the inability to resist a show-stopping seven-tier, pearlized, fondant wedding cake with ribboned draping is understandable as wedding cake designers produce more and more elaborate wedding cake creations…

Have no fear, darling bride-to-be! Small weddings cakes can be every bit as glamorous as their over-sized counter parts as they allow you to have all the high-fashion drama at a much lesser cost than that of a traditional wedding cake! Small wedding cakes work perfectly for intimate and large weddings alike; for receptions where you plan to host 200+ guests, showcase your small wedding cake for the cutting ceremony – but serve deliciously inexpensive sheet cake!

Swirled Flower Frosting on Wedding Cake


For budget-conscious inspiration, read on for tiny tasty treats -aka- adorably elegant small wedding cakes – and share which small wedding cake is your favorite in the comments below!

Quilted Wedding Cake

Buttercream Wedding Cake Frosting

Lace Wedding Cake

Quilted Wedding Cake


Black and White Wedding Cake


Sugar Flowers on Wedding Cake

Blue Wedding Cake


Still searching for your a bakery to help fulfill your wedding cake dreams? WedAlert has you covered! Head over to their online directory to search for vendors in your area and see what other brides have to say!

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Garter Toss Wedding Music as seen on One Wed

Garter Toss Wedding Music

The centuries-old tradition of the garter toss began in the olden days as proof that a wedding had been properly consummated…eesh. Hundreds of years ago, proving this involved allowing family and friends to join the bride and groom in the marital suite; undergarments were considered to possess good luck and there were times that things got a little out of hand as onlookers snatched at any piece of clothing they could grab.

The crazed crowds weren’t incredibly appreciated by the newlyweds, hence, the groom began tossing the garter out so no one would feel the need to obtain it themselves!

Garter Toss Songs

While CBS News noted earlier this year that this tradition may be going out of style (barely 20% of brides participate these days), and OhLovelyDay blogger, Chandra Fredrick, summed up the garter toss by noting that “this is definitely a tradition to, well, toss…”, I see it more simply as today’s modern bride focusing less on strictly adhering to tradition and more with expressing their own individuality and creativity!

Wedding traditions come and go with the changing of social norms, but remember that this is yourbig day! If the thought of sticking with tradition and allowing a garter toss makes you giggle in anticipation – don’t let anyone try to sway you otherwise! Listen in below for garter toss music ideas!

Bride and Groom

Garter Toss Wedding Music credit to Apple Moon Photography

Groomsmen Waiting for Garter Toss

Garter Toss

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Bridal Reflections: Stephen Yearick Trunk Show

I spent another weekend at Bridal Reflections getting the inside scoop on bridal fashion from the eyes real brides. This time I was focused on the Stephen Yearick collection. There were so many beautiful brides scheduled at the trunk show, but one that caught my eye was Amelia Carrera, a blushing bride from Brazil. She will be hosting her wedding in June 2015 at The Boat House. Both her family and the groom’s family will be traveling from Brazil, so she wanted to pick a dress that thrills. Her favorite was a Stephen Yearick wedding dress of course. This wedding dress made her smile and gave her that ever-so-familiar look of a bride that is glowing in her gown.

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 8.18.48 PM

Although Amelia was happy with her Stephen Yearick dress just the way it was designed, Stephen Yearick does offer the option of customizing to make the gown one of a kind. Brides can change aspects of the gown such as the sleeves, color, pattern, and beading. They can even change the fabric, although they use the finest of textiles like silk and satin from India and lace from Florence. Stephen Yearick’s gown designs are all about the WOW factor with intricate details that sparkling and shine.

Hand Painted Glass: A Great DIY Wedding Gift That You Don’t Have To Do Yourself


Hand painted wine glasses and champagne flutes are unique gifts that are becoming more and more popular. They are great for birthdays, holidays, and anniversary gifts. You can give them to every adult on your Christmas list, but they are also the perfect gifts to say, “be my bridesmaid” or “congratulations on your engagement.” Many couples currently use them as cute his and hers champagne flutes at the wedding, while many bridesmaids buy them for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. Although making DIY hand painted glass is becoming a popular trend on Pinterest, most of us don’t really have the time to do it. And why do it yourself when you can order adorable hand painted glass from a company like ByBecca.com? They offer hand painted gifts for all of life’s celebrations.



ByBecca was created by Rebecca Kelman, who has been crafting hand painted glass since 2004. She offers over 135 original hand painted glass designs. Before her career as a small business owner and painter, Rebecca worked on Wall Street for such financial institutions as E.F. Hutton and Schwab. There she managed portfolios of more than one hundred million dollars! Imagine the stress! Rebecca moved to Virginia Beach in 2009, where she now lives with her son Aaron and her daughter Jamie pursuing her passion for painting.



Find the perfect hand painted glass gift ByBecca for an upcoming special occasion.




Wedding Flower Q&A credit to giantdesign

Wedding Flower Q&A With Jamie Mastright

You can study current trends and classic looks for your wedding flowers until you’re blue in the face, darling bride-to-be…at the end of the day, the best way to learn something is to sit and study with an expert! Read on for hints and tips below as the darling  received a little wedding flower Q&A from Southern Californian wedding florist, Jamie Mastright!

Peony Wedding Flowers

Do you recommend that a bride try to “do it herself” to save money? Why or why not? What are your best DIY tips?

While a bride can, of course, try to do the flowers on her own, I always try to remind her that the hectic flower assembly must be completed right before the wedding, along with all the other activities filling her schedule. It’s a very busy time, and there are usually hiccups in the design process for that very reason.

If a bride does decide to take the DIY route, my best tip is to not be afraid to experiment, because in terms of design, anything is possible!

DIY brides should practice before the wedding as this will help calm their nerves and allow time to solve any design issues they might have. I recommend using an assembly line during the floral construction, and getting the bridesmaids and family members involved in the process.

Fall Wedding Flowers

What are some of your favorite unique bouquet, boutonniere, and centerpiece ideas?

I love the look of twisted wire in corsages and boutonnieres, as well as bouquets and arrangements as it helps add interest and is a fun design. I once had a bride who wanted to use fern fiddles – the newest unfurled growth on a fern – in the boutonnieres, but was discouraged by the cost. So, I came up with the idea of using wire and floral tape to mimic the twisted design. I also love the use of fruit in arrangements, which can help add an interesting touch and give guests something new to look at.

A centerpiece idea I especially love right now is the use of everyday items, including cups and bowls, as containers for floral designs. It’s fun to mix and match your favorite dishes, even those you might have found at discount stores and thrift shops. They can help create either a shabby-chic or elegant look, depending which containers you choose. And if you like a container that doesn’t traditionally hold water, just add a plastic liner.

Pink and Green Wedding Flowers

Are there any top resources (websites, books, etc.) you use or would recommend for a bride hoping to learn about different types of flowers?

There are many resources out there. My favorite magazine, Florists’ Review, is a great source of information, especially about popular trends in the industry. Also, the Internet has an abundance of info. I like to suggest that brides go online and use Google to find images of wedding flowers they like and dislike. Once a bride picks out certain types of flowers, anything is possible in terms of arranging them to fit the feel of the wedding.

Purple Wedding Flowers

White Wedding Flowers

Green Wedding Flowers

Cream and Pink Wedding Flowers

Bride Holding Bouquet

Sunflower Wedding Flowers

Orange Wedding Flowers

Fall Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers


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African Destination Wedding

We’ve all seen destination weddings in Hawaii, Jamaica, and other tropical locations, but have you ever considered an African destination wedding, soon-to-be Mrs.? Once thought of as exotic and inaccessible, Africa is proving to be warm, friendly, and surprisingly inexpensive as a destination wedding choice! You and your groom could wed in Africa and enjoy a two-week safari honeymoon at a lower cost than getting married in America or Europe…including airfare!


From the white beaches on the islands of Mozambique to the safari wilderness of Zambia and Tanzania – African wedding ceremonies are unique, romantic, and offer privacy in pristine surroundings; luxury lodges, country spas, and beach resorts merge with this untamed land to help you embrace the rich culture in the unique surroundings of South Africa.

That said, don’t think that hosting an African destination wedding is just another place to say “I do”! Look into scuba diving, whale-watching, Jeep safaris, and river rafting as a continuation of your wedding celebration!

mountains in africa

Benguerra Lodge in Mozambique

The Benguerra Lodge is small and intimate and offers genuine hospitality, personalized service, and an intimate knowledge of the natural environment. It has a rich East African feel – both in the décor and the unique food!

African lodge

Saxon Boutique Hotel, Villas, and Spa in Johannesburg

This ten-acre property, set amidst landscaped gardens, welcomes guests with a hotel entrance featuring contemporary African decor that provides an eye-catching backdrop to a towering spiral staircase that winds around a gleaming glass dome.

Wedding at Saxon Boutique

The Westcliff in Johannesburg

Set on a cliffside in a garden estate, The Westcliff has an almost rural air despite being in the center of the city. Its swimming pool and private terraces look out over the zoological gardens where animals can be spotted which sets the scene for a safari, the next stage of many guests’ journeys!

The Westcliff in Africa weddings

outdoor wedding






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Halloween-Wedding-Invitation-credit-to HydraulicGraphix via Etsy

Halloween Wedding Invitations

It wasn’t surprising to see dozens of darkly colored blooms for Halloween themed wedding flowers, and it made sense that there would be multiple spooky Halloween wedding venues to choose from, but who knew there were so many creative options out there for Halloween wedding invitations?

Whether you and your handsome groom are hosting a huge Halloween wedding bash and plan to ask guests to dress up, or you’ve just happened to pick the end of October for your nuptials, have a little fun and play up the season!


The potentially-creepy Halloween symbols like bats, ravens, haunted houses, or a full moon are all terrific design elements to add into your wedding invitations for this theme, and while black is traditional, look into pairing it with blood red or vibrant orange to make a bold statement!

Let your guests know about your plans in advance with a zombie-filled Save-the-Date and then give your Halloween wedding invitation a touch of creepiness by sealing each with a red wax skull! Add a hint of darkness with a laser-cut tree covered in spiderwebs, go for a more elegant look by featuring a simple Gothic black rose on a grey background, or follow this Martha Stewart tutorial for a severed finger Halloween wedding invitation…eep!





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